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Today's ceramic coating technology gives you the protection your vehicle needs.

We know that picking out the right product can be tough, but we’ve got you covered. Our team of experts has tested many different options for your car and determined which ones are best suited to protect it from the weather, rock chips and more.

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Ceramic coating is the newest way to protect your car from harmful elements. The process starts by hand application of a polymer solution that protects against external paint damages, blending in with it and creating an additional hydrophobic layer on top.

Unlike regular paint jobs that require frequent washing and waxing for protection against dirt, stains or grime marks, Ceramic coating will never need cleaning because they're made with chemicals which resist water absorption; Ceramic Coated PVC does not break down in normal atmospheric conditions like rainwater nor does it change color due heat exposure during summer months.


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  • Scratch and swirl resistance

  • UV protection

  • Long term gloss enhancement

  • Super hydrophobic properties help release dirt and water

  • Protects against bird bombs, bugs, harsh element damage

  • Damage absorbing

  • Builds up paint thickness and hardness

  • Chemical resistant

  • Years of protection

  • Warranty option

  • Easier to clean

  • Stays cleaner longer

  • High heat resistance

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